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The Utilities Department in Ozark, Missouri, oversees essential services such as water and sewer management. Here are some key details: 

  • Water Services: 
    • The City of Ozark sources its water from fourteen wells, which tap into a deep aquifer. The city provides an average of 2.5 million gallons of water per day to its residents​ 
    • The water distribution system is managed by the Department of Public Works, which also handles any issues related to water quality and pressure. They adhere to strict guidelines and submit annual water quality reports to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources​.
  • Billing and Payments: 
    • The Utility Billing Department handles billing for water, sewer, and trash services provided by Republic Services. Payment options include online payments, mail, drop box, and in-person payments at City Hall​.
    • Payments are due on the receipt of the bill, with late fees applied if payments are not made by the specified dates. There is also a "Summer Sewage Average" program that helps to average out sewage bills over the summer months​. 
  • Connection and Maintenance: 
    • New customers need to fill out a form and may be required to pay a deposit. The connection process includes guidelines for obtaining and maintaining water and sewer services​. 
    • For any issues such as leaks or discolored water, residents can contact the Utility Department directly. There are also provisions for emergency services outside of regular business hours​. 
  • Environmental Compliance: 
    • The city complies with the EPA's Safe Drinking Water Act and has replaced all known lead water services since 1993. Routine checks and replacements ensure ongoing compliance​ ​. 

Overall, the Ozark Utilities Department is dedicated to providing reliable and safe water and sewer services to the community while maintaining high standards of customer service and environmental stewardship. 

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City of Ozark Public Utilities
City of Ozark Public Utilities
City of Ozark Public Utilities
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