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Welcome to the Ozark Chamber of Commerce

The Ozark, Missouri Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic organization dedicated to supporting local businesses, fostering economic growth, and enhancing the quality of life in the community. As a central hub for business networking, advocacy, and community engagement, the Chamber plays a vital role in the development and prosperity of Ozark. 

Mission and Vision 

Mission Statement: Strengthening Ozark through economic impact, community enrichment, and individual connection.

Services and Programs 

Business Advocacy 

  • The Chamber advocates for policies and initiatives that benefit the local business community. They work closely with government officials at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure the interests of Ozark businesses are represented. 

Networking Opportunities 

  • The Chamber organizes various networking events, such as business after-hours mixers, luncheons, and annual meetings. These events provide valuable opportunities for business owners and professionals to connect, share ideas, and collaborate. 

Business Development 

  • Offering a range of resources and support services, the Chamber assists businesses with their growth and development. This includes business workshops, seminars, and access to market research and economic data. 

Community Events 

  • The Chamber hosts several community events throughout the year, including the Ozark Christmas Parade, Fall Festival, and various charity events. These events not only bring the community together but also support local businesses by increasing foot traffic and visibility. 

Educational Programs 

  • The Chamber provides educational opportunities for business owners and their employees through workshops, seminars, and training sessions. Topics range from digital marketing and customer service to leadership and financial management. 

Membership Benefits 

  • Visibility and Exposure: Members of the Chamber benefit from increased visibility through the Chamber’s marketing channels, including their website, social media, and newsletters. This helps businesses reach a wider audience and attract new customers. 
  • Exclusive Discounts: Chamber members have access to exclusive discounts on products and services from fellow members, fostering a supportive business community and encouraging local commerce. 
  • Business Referrals: The Chamber actively refers its members to individuals and businesses seeking products or services in the area, helping to generate new business opportunities. 
  • Community Involvement: Membership provides businesses with opportunities to get involved in community initiatives and projects, enhancing their reputation and fostering goodwill within the community. 


Leadership and Governance 

The Ozark Chamber of Commerce is led by a Board of Directors comprised of local business leaders who volunteer their time and expertise to guide the organization. The Board sets strategic priorities and oversees the Chamber’s operations, ensuring it remains focused on its mission and goals. 

Economic Development 

The Chamber collaborates with various stakeholders to attract new businesses and investments to Ozark. They work on initiatives to improve infrastructure, support workforce development, and enhance the overall business climate in the area. 

Overall, the Ozark, Missouri Chamber of Commerce is a cornerstone of the local business community, providing essential support, resources, and advocacy to help businesses thrive and contribute to the prosperity of the entire region. 


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