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The Ozark Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program is designed to engage and utilize community members who are passionate about their local business community and economic development. Ambassadors play a critical role in promoting the Chamber's mission, enhancing membership experience, and fostering business connections. Here are key elements typically involved in such a program:


  • Promote Chamber Activities: Ambassadors help promote Chamber events, programs, and initiatives within the community.
  • Enhance Member Engagement: They act as liaisons between the Chamber and its members, ensuring members are aware of and can take advantage of Chamber benefits.
  • Support Membership Growth: Ambassadors assist in recruiting new members and retaining existing ones.


  • Event Attendance: Ambassadors are expected to attend Chamber events such as ribbon cuttings, networking events, and annual meetings.
  • Member Outreach: They regularly contact Chamber members to check in, gather feedback, and share updates on Chamber activities.
  • Welcoming New Members: Ambassadors welcome new members, provide orientation on Chamber benefits, and help them integrate into the business community.
  • Volunteer Support: They volunteer at Chamber events, helping with setup, registration, and other logistical tasks.


  • Networking Opportunities: Ambassadors have numerous opportunities to network with business leaders, local officials, and other influential community members.
  • Visibility: Serving as an ambassador increases the individual’s and their business’s visibility within the community.
  • Professional Development: Ambassadors gain skills in leadership, communication, and event planning.

Selection Criteria

  • Active Chamber Member: Ambassadors must be active members of the Chamber.
  • Commitment: They should demonstrate a strong commitment to the Chamber's mission and activities.
  • Outgoing Personality: Ambassadors are typically outgoing, friendly, and enthusiastic about promoting the local business community.
  • Reliability: They must be reliable and able to commit time to attend events and fulfill their responsibilities.


  • Coordinator: The program is often overseen by a Chamber staff and a volunteer coordinator who manages and supports the ambassadors.
  • Meetings: Regular meetings are held to discuss upcoming events, share feedback, and plan ambassador activities.
  • Recognition: Ambassadors are recognized for their contributions, often through awards, public acknowledgments, or special events.

Example Activities

  • Ribbon Cuttings, Grand Openings and Ground Breaking Events: Attending and assisting with these events to welcome new businesses.
  • Networking Events: Participating in networking events to foster connections among members.
  • Volunteering at Monthly Chamber Luncheon: Helping to enhance the experience for attendees by checking people in, assisting first time guests, helping set up, run and break down the event.
  • Membership and Sponsorship Drives: Assisting with campaigns to recruit new members to the Chamber.
  • Surveys and Feedback: Gathering feedback from members to help improve Chamber services and programs.

Overall, a Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program is an essential component in fostering a vibrant and supportive business community, enhancing member experiences, and driving local economic growth.

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