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Chief Justin Arnold
Chief Justin Arnold
police city of ozark missouri

The Ozark Police Department is a Certified Law Enforcement Agency through the Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Foundation. This certification acknowledges the Ozark Police Department's commitment to professionalism and law enforcement best practice, through their adherence to over 200 standards established by MPCCF. OPD was originally certified in 2017, then recertified in 2020 and 2023. OPD is the only MPCCF Certified Law Enforcement agency in Christian County.

Mission and Vision 

The mission of the Ozark Police Department is to protect and serve the community through proactive policing, effective crime prevention, and strong community partnerships. Their vision is to be a model law enforcement agency that fosters trust and collaboration between the police and the community. 

Structure and Divisions 

  • Patrol Division 
    • The Patrol Division is the backbone of the Ozark Police Department, responsible for general law enforcement duties, including responding to calls for service, conducting traffic enforcement, and providing a visible presence to deter crime. Officers in this division are the first responders to emergencies and play a key role in maintaining public safety. 
  • Criminal Investigations Division and Community Policing Division
    • Special Operations Division handles more complex and serious criminal cases, such as homicides, sexual assaults, and burglaries. Personnel in this division conduct thorough investigations, gather evidence, and work closely with other law enforcement agencies to solve crimes and bring offenders to justice. This division focuses on building strong relationships between the police and the community. Officers engage with residents, attend community meetings, and implement programs designed to address specific neighborhood concerns. Initiatives such as neighborhood watch programs and community outreach events are central to their efforts. Additional functions of the Special Operations Division include the Traffic Enforcement Unit, K9 Unit and the department's FAA UAS (Drone) efforts.
  • Support Services Division 
    • The Support Services Division provides essential administrative and logistical support to the department. This includes managing records, communications, and technology systems and coordinating training and professional development for officers. 

Programs and Initiatives 

  • Crime Prevention Programs 
    • The department offers various crime prevention programs aimed at educating the community on safety practices. These include seminars on home security, fraud prevention, and personal safety. OPD currently has staff certified in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and provides free evaluations of businesses, residences, schools and other properties.
  • Youth Programs 
    • The Police Department runs several programs targeted at youth including Embrace a School where patrol officers regularly engage with Ozark Schools. Annually, Ozark Police Officers make over 2,000 Embrace a School visits to Ozark Schools, providing extra patrols, collaborative training, engagement at extracurricular events and more. Additionally, OPD's Hero in Training annual event provides a purposeful opportunity for Ozark officers to engage with local youth in a fun filled training environment. Hero in Training has been awarded the Missouri Municipal League "Innovation Award".  
  • Community Outreach 
    • Officers participate in numerous community events, such as 5K's, non-profit fundraisers, neighborhood meetings and speaking events. The department also hosts a Citizens Police Academy,  Coffee with a Cop, which are events allowing residents to engage with officers in an informal setting.
  • Victim Assistance 
    • The department provides support services for victims of crime, including counseling referrals, assistance with navigating the criminal justice system, and help with obtaining protective orders. 

Training and Professional Development 

The Ozark Police Department places a strong emphasis on continuous training and professional development. Officers receive regular training in areas such as de-escalation techniques, crisis intervention, and cultural competency. This commitment ensures that the department remains prepared to handle a wide range of situations effectively and sensitively. 

Community Engagement 

The department values transparency and accountability, maintaining open lines of communication with the community. They use social media, community meetings, and other platforms to keep residents informed about crime trends, safety tips, and departmental activities. 

Leadership and Governance 

The Ozark Police Department is led by a Chief of Police who oversees all operations and ensures that the department’s goals align with the community’s needs. The Chief works with city officials and community leaders to develop strategies for effective policing and community safety. 

Overall, the Ozark, Missouri Police Department is dedicated to upholding the law and serving the community with integrity and professionalism. Through proactive policing, community engagement, and a commitment to excellence, the department strives to create a safe and secure environment for all who live in and visit Ozark. 

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ozark police department
ozark police department
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ozark police department
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